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Our firm is comprised of a law firm in Guatemala formed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals and experts.

We provide legal and technical advice in several areas of law. You and your trusted staff will always have direct communication with the main partners.

All of this based on the honorability and trajectory of our partners and our team, as well as professionals from other branches that complement our work. In an age in which there are insecurity, mistrust, suspicion, and other limitations, the legal advisor and consultant become a necessary alternative. In Conservis you can place your trust in lawyers and notaries who respond to your needs, respecting the rule of law and the legality of processes.

Our team is assembled by professionals who seek a solution with principles, for the correct application of the regulations. We care because we take advantage of the best possible service and attention.

Which is why we stand out as a law firm that cares about having satisfied clients.

We are passionate about teaching

At Conservis we care that our clients are trained in the most relevant issues of the law. Be part of more than 200 trained companies by us.

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Our team of lawyers in Guatemala is comprised of professionals that will provide comprehensive legal advice for individuals and companies alive, in the following legal matters:

  • Constitution and registration of Mercantile Companies.
  • Creation and registration of a Commercial Company and Individual Trader.
  • Celebration of all kinds of Shareholders’ Meetings.
  • Registration, renewal, and cancellation of Legal Representations.
  • Capital increase and reduction.
  • Planning and creation of legal business and prevention strategies
  • Legal assessment and business structure.
  • Backing and assistance in personal negotiations
  • Exercise of judicial and administrative mandates on behalf of society
  • Drafting of leases, sales contracts, and notarial documents required by the company.
  • Modification of bylaws.
  • Training for Managers and Directors.
  • Registration of trademarks, distinguishing signs, trade names, copyright, emblems, designs, and other figures created and protected in the field of intellectual property.
  • Advice on the protection of Authors, Artists, and other related rights.
  • Filing of Oppositions in registration processes.
  • Filing and answering objections before the Intellectual Property Registry.
  • Legal advice for the protection and management of multiple brands.
  • Legal advice and private negotiations for the protection of the use of Trademarks and other figures.
  • Preparation of Contracts for the sale, assignment, and licensing of the use of trademarks.
  • Customized elaboration of Individual contracts of employment
  • Elaboration and registration of the Internal Working Regulations according to the reality and needs of the Company.
  • Assistance to the General Labor Inspection and Labor Courts.
  • Legal formalities and summonses to the General Labor Inspection
  • Procedural defense in labor matters.
  • Filing of Labor Lawsuits.
  • Negotiations, conciliations, drafting of agreements, settlements, notarial acts, etc.
  • Creation and implementation of Prevention Strategies in Labor Matters.
  • Implementation of figures and measures of hygiene and occupational safety.
  • Legal Advice on Social Security (IGSS*)
  • Labor audits.
  • Advice, updating, and regularization of employer and employee obligations.
  • Consultations on specific matters in calculating and paying labor benefits, such as vacations, compensation, and other legal benefits.
  • Advice and accompaniment in labor matters.
  • Modifications, settlements, certificates, permits, in general.
  • Assistance and advice on layoffs and other forms of termination of employment
  • Intervention in individual negotiations for the termination of employment contracts.
  • Training for Managers, Directors, and Accountants in labor matters.
  • Temporary and permanent residences.
  • Guarantor’s inscriptions.
  • Work permits for foreigners.
  • Single and multiple visas.
  • Management of migratory movements.
  • Personal Identification Document (DPI*) management for foreigners.
  • Preparation of notarial acts, signature and document legalization acts (authentic), protocol acts.
  • Preparation of any public instrument (deeds) in general.
  • Mandates, transactions, private contracts.
  • Extra-judicial and judicial collection.
  • Procedures for voluntary jurisdiction in a notary’s office.
  • Intestate and probate processes (Inheritance).
  • Divorce proceedings.
  • Advice, strategy, and procurement in civil and commercial litigation.
  • Purchase and sale, donations, easements, usufructs.
  • Distribution, supply, representation, promises, letters of intent, commercial, credits, promissory notes,
  • Exchanges, provision of services, confidentiality agreements; contracts for the assignment or licensing of rights, among others.
  • Review, legal opinion, drafting, preparation, and negotiation of all types of agreements and contracts.


  • Advice and assistance in management procedures, audit, control, requirement, and/or verification of tax information.
  • Tax advice to small, medium, and large taxpayers.
  • Tax advice, prevention, and legal defense.
  • Advice, prevention, and defense in review and control procedures in tax matters.
  • Authorization of special regimes (Free Zone, International Services, Tourist Investment, authorization of alcoholic and fermented beverage factory).
  • Advice, prevention, and legal defense in criminal proceedings in tax matters.
  • Tax defense before the Superintendence of Tax Administration; Contentious-Administrative Court, Supreme Court of Justice, and Constitutional Court.
  • Litigation in tax-administrative matters before the various Municipalities, appeals, cassation.
  • Litigation in tax-administrative matters before the various state agencies.
  • Customs legal advice, prevention, and defense.
  • Ordinary working trials
  • Collective negotiations with workers (agreements, pacts).
  • Civil and Commercial trials.
  • Arbitrations before the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Guatemala
  • Tax fraud and economic crimes.
  • Administrative requests denied administrative disputes.
  • Prevention of and solution to administrative portfolio arrears.
  • Promise to purchase and sale of real estate and deposit.
  • Purchase and sale of grey work and purchase and sale of finishes.
  • Regime of Constitution of Horizontal Property.
  • FHA counseling
  • Credit with Mortgage bonds.
  • Regulation of the Horizontal Property and Co-ownership Regime.
  • Building Administrator through a shareholding company.
  • Share Participation Contract.
  • Environmental licensing.
  • Municipal Construction Licenses.
  • Waiver of the right of first refusal.
  • Common areas.
  • Building Administrator.
  • Electric Power Conduction Easement.
  • Actions on the rights of the common areas.
  • Taxes paid on condo/building.
  • Interposition of Constitutional Actions: Protection, Unconstitutionalities and Personal Exhibitions.

  • Analysis and study of Jurisprudence for application in specific cases.

  • Preparation of legal opinions on constitutional matters.

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