• Corporate ethics and compliance programs.
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of the compliance model.
  • Design and implementation of Compliance Management Systems.
  • Design and implementation of Anti-bribery Management Systems.
  • Design and implementation of Whistleblower Channel Management Systems.
  • Advice and structuring of the governing body.
  • Advice and structuring of the compliance function.
  • Advice and accompaniment for compliance officers.
  • External Compliance Officer.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of code of ethics and corporate policies.
  • Education, training, education and awareness programs on compliance and business ethics, endorsed by the Institute for Proactive Ethics, Integrity and Compliance.
  • Crime prevention and compliance models.
  • Risk identification, assessment and management.
  • Consulting, auditing and implementation of ISO Compliance Standards.
  • Due diligence of suppliers and relationships with third parties.
  • Corporate human rights due diligence.
  • Defense of the criminal liability of the legal entity.

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